Thursday, August 28, 2008

Saw this interview today...

...with Jonathan Burkett from MASH:

The quote in bold reminded me of a line near the end of a song by Ice Cube called "Steady Mobbin'"...

The hoe said, "Pappy could you slap me
On the ass,
hard and fast,
And could you please try not to leave a gash?"

I said, "Yeah, but I don't play sex

Without puttin' on the latex."

Ice Cube killed it back in the day. Steady Mobbin'...

...and here's my all time favorite Ice Cube song, Jackin' for Beats. Gotta love how he's wearing a shirt with his own mug on it...

Wait, what was the point I was going to make when I started this post? Eh, I forget. Oh well... one last classic Cube song for you...


Prolly said...

fuck that guy. He's also the one who said "I'm over track bikes, tired of them"... You've been riding for maybe 5 years and you're tired of them?

Hypocrite. He's part of the catalyst. The largest catalyst of the "track bike" movement. MASH and he's gonna flap off like that? I'd challenge him to a match sprint anyday... Does he even race in a velodrome?

T-bone said...

That was a well articulated and ignorant quote. It will serve to be a true inspiration for the future of fixed gear cyclists.

Tom La Marche said...

BURD AND PROLLY GOIN STRAIGHT FOR THE BLOG THROAT! Usually, I stay under the radar on the computer, but who is this mother fucker to tell people how to ride a bike? Fixed,BMX,Mountain, Road, whatever makes you happy. All of us dabble in various forms of cycling. Whats wrong with taking from different forms of cycling and experimenting with them on another bike? Do you hate cross bikes too? Your an international shit talker, from what I've heard. I'm sick of snobs with a superior attitude acting like they own the copy right to track bikes or fixed gears.
Look who it is doing tricks. Yours Truly.

MASH was a cool flick, but you can't rest on your laurels forever.

hardcore100 said...

u guys are too funny!

Prolly said...

[Tom, "yours truly" means yourself...]

Well put my little friend. Keep ripping and see you soon.

Jonathan Burkett said...

To Burd, T-Bone, Tom, and Prolly,

Sorry that my opinions have offended, that is never the intention. After being asked to be part of that article I checked what I wrote carefully and stick by what I said, but they are just my opinions, not a an attack on anyone. I never expected my thoughts to be taken so seriously or offensively.

Yes, I have ridden on a velodrome, and applying for a UCI membership to ride the Olympic one here in Berlin. I have not given up track bikes, but yes, I sold mine to fund a move overseas, and currently building up a new one. Yes, I used to enjoy doing tricks on my track bike, hence the Cadence video from 2 years ago, but now that is not my purpose in riding. I am currently very into road racing and that part of the culture, but still love riding a track bike, which is the most fun to ride in my opinion.

I currently give respect to all forms of cycling and all those who ride, but do have ideas and opinions on what i personally like. Just like preferring one saddle to another, i prefer one style of riding to another. Cyclocross is really fun and hard, BMX is something I wish I could ride better, and track bike tricks are great when in fun, but no longer for me.

I have never met any of you guys, but have only heard good things through other people, have always been openly and vocally impressed with the riding in bootleg sessions and other short videos. You guys are pushing what you do in a great way, just am now bummed that such harsh and negative feedback comes from something that had no personal intent of showing ego or a superior attitude.

I am totally willing to discuss all this more with you guys through email or aim or any other means, just let me know. Maybe we can speak a bit more so we can all understand one another better.

Oh, and Prolly, I am down for a sprint, but I don't doubt that you would kill me. I am definitely not a sprinter.

Prolly said...

Sorry for firing off like that man. Just kinda bums me out that you wouldn't use your "clout" in this sport to support all forms of the track bike riding that is going on.

You know kids all over he world look up to you guys? They need to be encouraged to ride and have fun. I just felt like the comment discouraged people...

Good luck with the UCI license and all I have are sprints. Bigger dudes can't grind out the miles so well!

Jonathan Burkett said...

No worries Prolly,

I just wanted to chime in since this seemed to have a big impact. I tried to edit that interview carefully and use the 'clout' to speak on things like riding sensibly and wear a helmet as such, but also wanted to speak for myself as well. I don't think I give enough credit on what that 'clout' actually is. The intention was never to attack or discredit anyone. Bootleg and Macaframa are just two examples of riding I look forward to, and the quality of filming/riding is always impressive.

And on that note, keep doing what you guys (everyone) are doing! Do what is fun regardless of whatever 'douches' like myself say or think. That's what it is all really about, having fun.

...and I am a skinny guy, I only got the distance. No chance of ever winning a sprint here.

Anonymous said...

i was wondering, if all of you guys read the full article or just that quote? this quote taken out of context might seem a little harsh, esp. in caps and bold letters. seeing this in perspective with the whole article it sounds different. i didn't read this as an attack.
i thought jonathan was simply trying to state his opinion, and he also said, that a couple of years in the past his attitude on bikes was much different. he has changed, and he underlined that a lot in the article itself.
each to his own opinion. i mean, i do not even agree with what jonathan said about tricks on fixed gear bikes. am i pissed, because of that? of course not.
personally, i love the option of bringing bmx-tricks to track-bikes, different opinion. reason to hate? not at all.