Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Lineup

Thirty-seven riders this time around...

Tyler Johnson - Seattle
Yama - Osaka
Yu - Osaka
Kango - Osaka
Mike Carney - Mpls
Anthony Veblen - Mpls
Bob Garzon - Mpls
Bradley Kayne - Mpls
Jeff Frane - Mpls
Jesse Hilliard - Mpls
Burd Phillips - Indpls
Shawn Wolf - Indpls
Kyle Kelley - L.A. (filmed in Indpls)
Tom Mosher - Toronto
Chris Clappe - Seattle
Zach Hoffner - Seattle
Andrew Allender - Seattle
Tanner Monmaney - Honolulu
Justin Taylor - San Marcos, TX
Sam Miller - Vancouver
Sam Allgood - Salt Lake City
Tony Fast - Philly
John Prolly Watson - NYC
Tom LaMarche - Philly
Dre Reyes - Singapore
Oscar Khan - London
Chris Celia - London
Gus Mallet - London
Juliet Elliot - London
Mikey Meek - London
Andy Ellis - London
Odge Wong - London
Ted James - London
Jason Smith - Bloomington, IN
Jeremiah Jones - NYC
Chris Wielk - NYC
Nate Gogol - NYC

Plus there are a couple more that make brief cameos that I believe we forgot to reference by name (sorry guys!). Not too shabby.


Bob garzon said...

dang tight i think im the youngest rider on the list

shopfourteen said...

Mikey Merkenschlager not Meek....

cjdeals said...

thanks for the mention guys, but its chris 'delia' london.

Burd said...

Mike and Chris, I got your names from Andy, and that's what he sent in his email, "Mikey Meek" and "Chris Celia." Really very sorry about that, but unfortunately there's nothing we can do to change it in the DVD now as the masters have already been submitted to the replicator. Bummer.

Baboy said...

Where's Keo?

Prolly said...