Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Lineup for Bootleg Sessions v.4

Here's the full credited lineup for the main section of Bootleg Sessions v.4 in order of appearance...

Marco (Japan)
Mike Carney (Mpls)
Jeff Frane (Mpls)
Jessie Hilliard (Mpls)
Ted James (Passed out drunk in Japan, London)
Oscar Khan (London)
Tom James (London)
John "Prolly" Watson (Brooklyn)
Drew Leshko (Philly)
Kai Nashimoto (Japan)
Kyoichi Ozaki (Japan)
Teppei "Nasty" Iwabuchi (Japan)
Kohei "Kozo" Fujii (Japan)
Zach Renner (Indy)
Burd Phillips (Indy)
Shawn Wolf (Indy)
William Buntas (SoCal)
Julio Betancourt (Richmond, VA)
Brandon Lannie (Richmond, VA)
Sam Hanson (Richmond, VA)
Mike Schmitt (Richmond, VA)
Tanner Monmaney (Honolulu)
Lindsey Bode (Honolulu)
Tony Fast (Philly)
Tom LaMarche (Philly)

The extras include appearances by...

Garrett Baker (Honolulu)
Eric Patton (Honolulu)
Mark Alford (Indy)

28 names in all, 15 of which are new to the Bootleg Sessions project.

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MG said...

FINALLY watched the trailer last night Burd... damn it's GOOD! Flat on a fixie? Bring it on!