Sunday, March 23, 2008


Got my bike back from BMW this weekend. Check out the updates to my frame and the new paint job.

  • Boxed in, reinforced fork

  • Gusseted down tube

  • Grind guard on bb and chainstay

Heres the complete build up, should have my front wheel laced back up soon.

Thanks Joe and Luke!


Prolly said...

Bad ass man. Looks beefy as shit now!

kidbastard said...

thats awesome, i ordered my frame 2 months ago from them and i hardly get a response from them. my frame went in to paint 2 weeks ago and its still not done, itll be 3 months before i see the frame, if i see the frame.

Ben W said...

Looks real good man.

Melissa said...

If you can't wait 3 months for a handmade frame, ask for your money back and buy an IRO.
I'm still waiting patiently for my 40 and I'd rather it be done right than fast.
That purple is sexy!

Burd said...

That looks super sexy. Digging the piece they added to the bb to help with grinds and such...!

hardcore100 said...

that looks tough as hell!

now let's see you do some
huge ass shit!

torey said...

Hell yeah thats nice. Fun stuff. I like the boxed in fork.