Friday, January 30, 2009

Before Lance rode with MASH...

...he rode with Floyd Landis.

And now he'll be riding with him (or rather against him) again at the Tour of Cali. I liked Landis when he was with USPS and Phonak. His interviews were always an entertaining read and he seemed much more like someone I would hang out with than most guys in the spandex set.

Here's the thing about Landis though... I'm not surprised he was caught doping at the TdF in '06. I mean come on, we all know he did it. No way in hell he makes that comeback ride in stage 17 unless he's on some kind of rocket fuel. What surprised me the most about that whole incident is the fact that he didn't just come out and admit it. All he had to do was simply say, "Yeah, my hip was killing me, I was desperate after getting dropped on stage 16, so I did something stupid." He would've been immediately forgiven by cycling fans and the media, and he wouldn't have ended up looking like such a schmuck through the ridiculous appeals process.

I thought that if anyone would man up to cheating, it would've been Floyd. I thought he would've been the last guy to pull a Tyler Hamilton. But that's exactly what he did, and that's pretty disappointing in a way. Nevertheless, it'll be good to see him back in the Peloton, even if it just means we get to see him bust his ass again...

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