Tuesday, July 21, 2009

OK, I am a dumbass.

Here's the skinny... a couple of days ago I posted a pic of the new frame by Cardinal Bicycles. Apparently it had a Volume Bikes fork on it that Shawn Wolf had restickered just to see what they would look like on the actual Cardinal forks that haven't come in yet, and he sent me a pic just so I could have a look at it. He never meant for anyone else to see it but me.

Furthermore, those aren't even the decals that will be going on the production bikes, Shawn just made those up for the NACCC event coming up in August because he wanted them to stand out a bit more. I guess the real ones are completely different.

So, long story short, I shouldn't have posted that photo. Shawn didn't intend for me to post it and I didn't ask him or Joe, the main man behind Joe's Cycles and Cardinal Bicycles, if I could/should. I just went ahead and did it because I was stoked for them and thought I was helping them out, and also because I am a pretty serious dumbass at times. As they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions...

Big apologies to Shawn and Joe, and also to the guys at Volume Bikes. I'll fully take the blame for this one, and from now on I'll keep my fucking nose out of industry type stuff where it doesn't belong.


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