Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bootleg Sessions v.1 - Tom LaMarche

As part of the run up to the release of the final volume in the Bootleg Sessions series, we're going to be posting the entirety of Bootleg Sessions v.1 on YouTube so that those who have seen it already can reminisce a bit and those who haven't can get an idea of how this whole thing got started.

We'll kick this off with Tom LaMarche's opening edit of course. Even though things have progressed pretty dramatically since 2007 when BSv.1 was released, I think a lot of what Tom does in this part would still stand up today. That's how far ahead of the game he was (and still is)...

Part 2, Keo Curry's section, will be posted in a couple of days, so make sure you check back!

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Ron Fuentes said...

what is the name of the song?? please let me know, i've been dying to find out and searching my ass off for it!