Monday, May 17, 2010

Tony Fast - Bootleg Sessions v.1

The always entertaining Tony Fast's part from Bootleg Sessions v.1. In many ways Tony epitomizes the Bootleg Sessions project in my mind... his only motivation in riding is to have a good time with his friends, and because of that his parts are always some of the most fun to watch.

The intro to this part is still one of the most amazing things that was captured in any of the Bootleg vids. In Philly, if you mess with someone, they're going to take you down. Once the guy realizes what's happening, he doesn't shout a bunch of empty threats at anyone (a la the SF construction worker in MASH). He immediately sizes up the situation (one against six? not a problem!), coils himself up like a drunken rattlesnake, and then strikes. And of course it's Tony that he targets because Tony is like a magnet for craziness...

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