Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Internet Has Won

So this weekend went from haphazard plans to totally.

After much debate over what the internet thought, Tom and I decided to cut this immature shit and pick up some BMX bikes and have fun in a proper manner. We hit up this awesome drainage ditch out in the Philly burbs called The Dustbowl. According to some skate heads this place used to be the sickest spot ever. After riding here we can imagine how it could have been any better. These pics are for the BMX kids who aren't too keen on what we are doing.

Tom wallride

Tom alley oop 360

Towards the end of this awesome session we realized we can shred on our track bikes and have fun.

Tom air to fakie

The session was cut short due to a broken fork. So we decided to head up to NYC to chill with John Prolly, Luke Stiles, and Wilis. We will update soon.

Ride / Relax on BMX or fixed gear.

All pics courtesy of Steve Hartley. More pics at the Cadence Flickr.


MG said...

Yay Burd!

Bike size don't matter! We've all ridden different sizes doing the same thing, let's just enjoy it...

Cheers man, Morgan

Trevor said...

they used to have wooden wall rides and quarter pipes at the top of the concrete banks. it used to be real dope. but im sure it still is.

Tom La Marche said...

Wish I could have ridden it then. Still one of the most fun spots.