Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Freeman Transport has officially arrived

I know what the guys at Freeman Transport are doing right now... they're sitting around staring at their newly completed prototype frames and thinking, "Holy crap, I can't believe we made these." I personally love it when you find out about something that you think is a really good idea, and then when you see the final product, it turns out that it was an even better idea than you could have possibly imagined. Check this rig out...

Of course, as unbelievably killer as the Freeman Transport bike is, it's still not as impressive as this other photo that they randomly sent to me...

Cow picking its nose with its tongue for the win!

1 comment:

Prolly said...

throw a BMW fork on it and ya' got'er done!

Check out this sweet ride too..

Chris Habib's Gangsta Track with Couplers installed by J. Coast