Monday, September 1, 2008

Diversion TV

Since we've sold out of Bootleg Sessions v.1 and currently have no plans to press any more, I've been thinking about submitting it to this new site called Diversion TV. I know a lot about the guy who runs it through flatland BMX circles (I don't know him personally), and I trust the site because of that. I guess it's down right now because he's rebuilding some stuff, so when he gets it back up and running maybe I'll send him a copy of the DVD and see if he'll transfer it into whatever streaming format they use so people who still want to watch it can do so.

I think the cost is usually like $3.00 per video for as many plays as you want in a 48 hour period, or you can get unlimited plays of everything they have for $10 a month. Not sure how this will go over, I know that I personally would rather have a DVD than watch something streamed on the internet, but since it won't cost us anything to submit it, I guess I'll try it out. It'll be interesting to see if Bobby (the guy who runs the site) can get this thing to catch on at all. Hopefully he can, he seems like a great guy and has put together a lot of amazing bike vids in his own right...

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