Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lance Weirdness

OK, let's have a vote or something...

What's the weirdest thing about Lance's return to Cycling?

1) He's riding for Astana, a team from Kazakhstan (see below).

2) He wants to prove that he can win without doping while riding for Astana, a team that was excluded from the Tour de France this year because of doping issues.

3) He's riding for FREE.

4) Astana is willing to take him back at age 37 and essentially give the boot to Alberto Contador, a phenom in his mid-20s who has won all three major Tours in the past two years.

5) He'll probably invite the guys from MASH to come hang out with him in France next July.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not cracking on Lance or his return, I think it's great. I'm simply pointing out that this whole ordeal has more weird storylines than one could seemingly imagine, and that's really saying something considering the fact that we're talking about a guy who has pretty much been the king of weird storylines throughout his career (Olsen twin, anyone?). Of course, he's also been the king of winning... it'll be fantastic drama next year when he and Astana try to take down Contador and whatever team he ends up with.

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Anonymous said...

I'm going to the Tour Down Under so it should be good to see what he's got. You summed it up really well with the king of weird story lines.