Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wish I were still in Brooklyn...

...because this looks like it'll be a good time. From an email we received today...

PUMA Presents: I-Cycle Space @ Vice Gallery
Being first to embrace and be involved in the bike community, PUMA is
teaming up with VICE to follow up the release of the I-Cycle Film Series
with the I-Cycle Space. The I-Cycle Space will bring together different
elements of cycling culture and community through films, art and

The I-Cycle Space will live at the Vice Gallery in Brooklyn and will kick
off with an opening party on September 15th and end on the 30th. It will
include an installation dedicated to cycling culture, all day film
screenings, free low maintenance and bicycle repairs and a refueling area
with water and energy drinks. All is free and open to the public.

The I-Cycle Space will also be the battle grounds for the I-Cycle
Throwdown, a set of goldsprint competitions taking place on the Thursday
the 18th and Friday the 26th. The I-Cycle Throwdown will bring together a
mix of industry leaders, brands and bike messengers who share the love of
cycling and put their skills to the test.

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