Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bike Jerks Blog & BSv.3

I have no idea why I didn't already know about this, but Jeff Frame from All-City/Bike Jerks has a good blog going...

You may notice that in this post, Jeff mentions doing a Bootleg Sessions segment. I haven't really talked about BSv.3 yet because we've been kind of getting the riders together over the past few weeks, but now I can say that it is officially on.

Looks like we're going to have a nice mix of old and new riders again this time, and I think some of the new faces will surprise a lot of people. We're getting really excited about how this one is starting to come together...!


Zach Bossington said...

I heard rumors that BLS3 was going to be in HD? I know some Seattle boys who need a camera if thats true.

Burd said...

Heh, that's not true. "Empire" is going to be HD, but the BS vids will always be lo-fi. That's kind of the point, you know... ;)

Bike Jerks said...

Burd, thanks for the bump.

sorry about dropping the BLS3 thing.

and for clarification my last name is Frane.

thanks again for the support and the opportunity to submit footage for the new vid.