Saturday, February 28, 2009

NAHBS Goldsprints

Went to Goldsprints last night after NAHBS and had a blast. Met tons of new people, all of them awesome. Took a couple of crappy cell phone pics because I don't really know how to use my new phone yet.

On the left is the Tzusing, the "son" in H Plus Son, and on the right is Kyle from I forget the cat's name in the middle because I have the worst memory in the world... sorry man!

This is Shawn Wolf digging in against Garrett Chow of MASH fame during Goldsprints. Garrett won, but I think he eventually lost in the finals to a dood named Mark Alford who was like a human explosion. Not really sure though, because the computer crapped out during their race and I didn't stay long enough to see if they did a rematch.

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