Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bootleg Sessions v.3 update...

So here's where we stand on the production of BSv.3... as of right now, all of the footage we are going to use is in, and we have completed all but 2 of the segments for the main video. We have gone through so much stuff... it's hard to believe we were originally worried about whether we would get enough usable material to do a complete DVD. It's looking like there is going to be a pretty huge "bonus session" filled with all of the material that we couldn't fit into the main part, which I think is great.

I went back and watched v.2 a few days ago, and I have to say that I am really blown away by how much everything has progressed in the past year. More importantly, there is a significant amount of stuff that will be in BSv.3 that I personally hadn't seen anyone do before. Guys really brought their "A" game for this project in my opinion, and I've had a great time going through everything and putting the edits together.

The full trailer (yes, it will be much more like the trailers for v.1 and v.2 than the mini-trailers) will be released around May 1st, at which time we will open up the pre-order page. We are still planning to have a prize giveaway for those who pre-order, but we're still confirming what the prizes will be, so stay tuned on that. As of right now the street date for the DVD is June 1st.

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