Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bootleg Sessions v.4 update

It's been awhile since we've posted an update about the upcoming Bootleg Sessions v.4 DVD, so I've decided to post a rundown of the different segments and their current status. These are listed in no particular order at the moment...

Main Section
Marco - Done
Minneapolis - Done
Richmond, VA - Done
Indianapolis - Mostly done
William Buntas - Done
Group Therapy (London/Japan/Philly/Denver/etc.) - Not started
Riding High - Done
Tanner Monmaney - Done
Lindsey Bode - Done
Philly - Done

Bonus Features
Outtakes - Not Started
Prolly does Japan - Not Started
The Making of the "Here Comes Papa" Skid - Done
Alternate Intro - Done
Trailer #1 - Not Started
Trailer #2 - Not Started

So as you can see, we're definitely getting close. We're very stoked on how this one is turning out... crazy riding, filmed in full HD, lots of fun/funny personalities (both old and new) involved... it's going to be the best one we've done I think. Hopefully we can have everything ready to go in the next couple of weeks... stay tuned!

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antonyo said...

maybe some MKE action in BLSv.5?!