Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Bike Day - Cinelli Mash

Apparently my new build has been plastered all over the internet and I haven't had a chance to post anything because, well, I've been out riding it. When it comes down to it, I just wanted to get a new bike. So I decided to swap out my '04 Fuji Track Pro for the Cinelli Mash.

Deep down I am a MASH fanboy. Those dudes really set the stage for fixed gear bikes to be documented. I suppose there is a chance this blog wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the MASH guys did. Also, Gabe and Mike's extra parts still stand out as two of my favorite fixed gears videos on the internetsssss.

In my estimation, at the NYC MASH premiere the first true trick comp was held. I'm not referring to little side events at your local alleycat. At this comp there were close to 200 or 300 people. It was the best fucking vibe. I met so many amazing people that day. Hell I even met John Prolly when he was nothing more than a blogspot.

It would be hard to disagree that a lot is owed to what MASH has done. They even designed a reasonably priced Cinelli frame, a brand I have lusted after owning since I started riding.

Fuzzy from Bike Rev did the build for with some parts his personal parts bin (FSA 50t chainring, EC90 Seatpost). Threw on one of those swanky Shop 14 Concor saddles. The wheels are some Profiles that I had tried to doing tricks on years ago then fortunately wider rims became all the rage so these wheels got swapped to the Fuji.

Frame : 55cm Cinelli MASH
Fork : Cinelli MASH
Headset : Columbus integrated
Stem : 110 Ritchey Pro
Bars : 31.6 Deda track drops
Grips : Charge Plunger grips
BB : something
Cranks : 165mm Sugino 75s
Chainring : 50t FSA track chainring
Cog : 18t Profile cog
Pedals : Odyssey Twisteds
Straps : Hold Fast jawns
Seat : Shop 14 Concor
Seatpost : Easton EC90
Rims : Sun Venus Urban Camo (Fuck the haters)
Hubs : 32h Black Profile Fixed/Fixed
Rubber : 28c Randos


Hza said...

we're in the same boat. Been yearning for this frame for more than a hot min. in fact, we're almost identical in frame build (@ lease the one I had in mind). 50x18! One day... nice one regardless. Cheers and be safe!

fuzzy said...

Yeah Boy! Enjoy my friend.

thirdraildesignlab said...

I'm a huge fan of this frame. I built mine up on wheels assembled for me by Joe at and am running a 49/16 for now, aimed at speed on the flats more than climbing. I did raise the bar height quite a bit to make the ride more comfortable, which is blasphemous for pursuit geometry, but I'm aiming to do the Aids/Lifecycle ride on it this year and low stance would kill me after awhile.

Have fun riding and love the blog...