Sunday, May 25, 2008

I finally gave in.

I have never owned a messenger bag before. I suppose that's partly because I've always been a little wary of biting the messenger style since I'm not a messenger and I live in a city that boasts a total of maybe 5 guys who actually work as messengers. Mostly, however, it's due to the fact that I'm a cheap bastard. I could never bring myself to drop $100+ on a decent bag.

Enter Marshall's, which is quickly becoming my favorite store. For those who don't know, Marshall's is basically an overstock store. They get stuff that isn't selling at the major retailers for next to nothing, and then they resell it on the super cheap. That's where I got my pile of Adidas Superskate Slip-ons for $15 each (I still contend that these are the best riding shoes ever made).

Anyway, I was at Marshall's yesterday and they had a few Timbuk2 mess bags in stock. I grabbed a size L for $50, and I must admit that I'm down with it. The cross strap setup is pretty nice, and it feels comfortable while riding.

What does this mean for Timbuk2 as a company, however? Certainly nothing good. If their products are dropping at places like Marshall's and being rocked by cheap, style-unconscious bastards like myself, then I'm guessing they may be struggling a bit...

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