Friday, April 4, 2008

Sneaks Peek

I was in Marshall's the other day and discovered that they had gotten in a pile of my favorite shoes... the Adidas Super Skate slip-ons. Not only that, they had several of them in size 14, which is extremely difficult to find, and they were selling them for $15 a pair!

I went a little bit crazy and stocked the f*** up.

Yeah that's right, I even got the green ones. These are the perfect riding shoes for me because...

1) The soles are thin enough that I can feel the pedals/cranks/tires, but not so thin that my feet start hurting after 10 minutes, and they are soft enough that I can twist on the pedals without them sticking.

2) They have much better padding around the opening than other slip-ons which saves my ankles a bit.

3) They fit more like real shoes than other slip-ons.

4) Most importantly, no shoestrings to get caught in my bars/stem/pedals/cranks/chainring/every other part of my bike you can possibly imagine. Many of my worst falls have come from my shoestrings getting hung up.

If you have a Marshall's by your house, you should check these things out. Fifteen bills for a good riding shoe that you don't mind tearing up is nothing to sneeze at.


Anonymous said...

Fucking awesome i want the black ones.

Anonymous said...

nice, i am with the green ones. look like neat shoes. guess they don't have'em over here, esp. not for only a couple of bucks.

On Your Left said...
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chorean said...

Can't find them at my local Marshall's! I was so disappointed.