Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Atomlab G.I. bars for your BMX stem

Found some "normal" 2" risers with a 22.2mm clamp diameter that will work with a BMX stem... the Atomlab General Issue riser bar.

Not too easy to locate a pair though, most places that list them are out of stock (even if it doesn't say so on their website, always call first!)

Atomlab also makes the LTD bar with the same specs which you can grab at Ben's Cycle, but the G.I. bars are a bit thicker (0.065" vs. 0.049") and will theoretically be a little sturdier.


Riley said...

I have a pair of these. They rock. I ordered them straight from the Atomlab site. No probz

Anonymous said...

Don't use the LTD bars, they bend extremely easy.