Thursday, March 5, 2009

The future ain't what it used to be - Part 2

The inception of Slow Sunday came from a Reload event held inside at the ICA at the University of Pennsylvania. This was way before I knew Tom and Wilis back when Jason with dreadlocks from Connecticut was doing tricks that would to this day be still be considered progressive. Not many people know about Jason, but he was crushing wheelie tricks and doing bunnyhop x-ups way before the trick thing picked up steam.

Following the Reload event Tom and Wilis started getting together on Sundays while sticking with the Slow Sunday moniker. The Slow Sunday crew grew over time. Often times our Sundays would start out at FDR eventually ending on a smelly Chinatown bus ride back home.

Everyone loved coming to hang out in New York because it has been and always will be a great fucking time. The scene there is thriving, tight knit, and totally accommodating to out of towners. We gelled really well with the people that we met up there.

Luke Stiles was really excited to document the trick stuff so he decided to take a trip down to Philly to see how we did things. On this trip we would meet another awesome person who became a could friend. Jose Martinez came down on the bus following Luke's arrival.

I can't say enough things about J. Martinez. You know this man from the incredible pictures he captures with an amazing eye for color. Jose has been a huge propellant in marketing Bootleg Sessions and documenting the evolution of tricks in only a way that he can. Since Jose's arrival into the states he has gone from point and shoot flicks with a little digicam to traveling around with Formula Drift Racing snapping pictures and apparently hanging out with beautiful women.

The day these guys came down from New York was a blast. Josh Snyder, Phil, XKevX, Wilis, Tom, Luke, Jose and myself wandered around the city hitting spots, pissing about and having a great time. It was a long day that ended up in a cold night with some delicious pizza. Here's a video Luke put together from the day.


João Soares Vieira said...

whats the song?

j.martinez said...

Oh man... Good times!

Kristopher said...

RE: music, I'm pretty sure that's Fela Kuti.

jason said...

nice article .. thanks to who ever wrote it