Friday, March 20, 2009

BSv.3 Update

Well, we are working full bore on Bootleg Sessions v.3, which is why I haven't had as much time to keep this blog as properly updated as I'd like. Dave Jennings, who is doing the bulk of the actual editing for this volume, just put together a DVD of the four parts that we have fully completed at this point, and I personally think it's really incredible. It's hard to believe how much the way people ride has changed in the past year. Not only that, the quality of the filming has gone way up as well.

So far we have about 12 and a half minutes worth of video, which is a great start, and there is a lot more footage coming in this week. Our goal is to hopefully get the first trailer out by mid-April and have everything ready to submit to the replicator a week or two after that.

We will most likely start taking pre-orders right when the first trailer comes out, and we have something special hooked up for those who pre-order this time around. Everyone who submits an order prior to the release of the DVD will be entered into a drawing for some killer prizes. Right now those prizes include a set of silver Profile fixed/fixed hubs, a Mishka package, and something from Milwaukee Bikes (hopefully an S700 fork if they're ready in time). More will be coming as we get them hooked up.

Stay tuned...!



Woot, sign me up for the pre-order!

Jeff said...

can't wait to see the first trailer