Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The future ain't what it used to be - Part 1

They say time flies when you having fun. God knows this can't be any more true considering that our Slow Sunday jam videos seem like they were just yesterday. It really is safe to say that Mash was a huge catalyst in the explosion of fixed gears. Of course I tend to focus a bit more on tricks, but the Mash premiere in New York City was a huge turning point for the future of things to come on the east coast.

At the Mash premiere we saw a huge disparity in the types of tricks that people were getting into. Mr Dirty 130 himself (John Prolly) was riding a blinged out white pista concept on a HED3, Tom was riding his Brooklyn Machine Works for the first time ever, and Wilis was still on his GT with his signature aerospoke. Regardless of the vehicle looking back the tricks seem haggard and its crazy to see where things have come and they going. All that aside, the scene in NY was huge and big things were about to come.

One of the most significant things to come of the Mash premiere was meeting John Prolly and Luke Stiles for the first time. Both these guys would grow to be great friends of mine. Luke became a great mentor to me in many facets of my life. John became my verbal punching and my go to guy in NYC. I owe tons to both these folks.

This Slow Sunday video was the first time we hung out with John and Luke following the premiere. We rode with a great crew: Wilis and Josh Snyder came up from Philly with us, we met Pablo, Joey Krillz, Kyle Demers, Stoned Tone, and a number of other folks I am forgetting. It was a great day that lead to many more.



krillz said...

is that when you guys were killing the jersey barrier by the banks? i was blow away.

Prolly said...


Yeah man. That was the day tony fell over the jersey barrier into the rubble hole.

Anonymous said...

fucking sick!