Monday, April 14, 2008

Bike Update

I just got a pair of 700x35c tires for my Gangsta.

They just clear the seat stays. Hopefully they'll suck up a lot more of the impact from jumping off shit. So far they feel great, and gave me a lot more clearance on turns, which I needed due to riding BMX pedals.

I also started riding S&M 101 BMX pedals, with some new SAG double straps.

Track pedals don't like pedal grinds, so I decided it was time to ride BMX pedals. I recently cracked a set of MG-1 wellgo BMX pedals, and decided I should go with something more solid. These new SAG sample straps are more improved than the last sample. They are much thicker and feel a lot more stiff. The under side of them resembles Toshi's, while the outside is smooth leather. We'll see how they hold up in the long run.

You can't tell how large these tires actually are by the photos. These things are massive.


torey said...

Is there a drastic weight difference with these tires, as apose to your 28c tires i guess?

Tom La Marche said...

I haven't weighed my bike before or after, so I don't know the weight difference. Weight is the least of my concerns with my bike, haha. I'm sure it added a little bit on though.

Max said...

Love your bike, how much pressure are you running in those?

Tom La Marche said...

80 psi

Aldone said...

Hello Tom,

Why you don't use a BMX chainring since you grind and use BMX cranks?
Does BMX complete cranks have the same chain line (42mm) of track cranks?

Thanks .. I love your riding style

BrooklynMachine said...

This ride is about to get craaaazaaayyy.....

Tom La Marche said...

Ive tried a BMX sprocket, the bolt cant handle all of the back and forth torque, and becomes loose very quickly. With the Spider attachment the 5 arms take some of the torque off, and the bolt is recessed so it has no where to move. I'll be putting a new spider,chainring, and grind guard on in a few days. I'll post some photos of that once it's all together. The chain line can be adjusted using different size spacers on the spindle. Thanks for the compliment!

briansaystight said...

i tried it with my profile bmx cranks on my fixed gear.
im using a spider and a regular chainring now. even then i have to tighten the spider bolt now and then