Sunday, April 20, 2008

New Bike Day

Thanks to Jeremy from Jersey I got an awesome new bike today for a great deal.

Redline Monocog size Medium frame and fork
OG GT hubs laced to Vuelta Airline 1 rims with a 20th freewheel
Joytech hub in the front laced to the same rims
180MM REDLINE FLITE CRANKS (I have always loved these cranks since I got into BMX years ago)
36t Profile Imperial Sprocket from an old bike (I swapped out the 30t HTP Victim sprocket)
S&M 101 pedals
Shimano LX Levers and V-Brakes
Easton Monkey Bars
Vetta Saddle
Bontager Seatpost (I swapped out from my Surly and put the Titec the monocog came with on there)
Profile Chain Tensioner
Clamp on Grips

The seatpost was seized. So with some liquid wrench and about an hour of muscle it was out.

I'm stoked on this bike. New polo/MTB bike.


hardcore100 said...

nice new bike.

you drive a VW? sweet.

Tom La Marche said...

soooo sick

XOXO. said...

lol. i just bought the exact same bike as a project bike. so rad.