Tuesday, April 8, 2008

If you're into street art (stickers/stencils)...

...then there is a new book out that you absolutely MUST have. It's called PEEL: The Art of the Sticker. This book contains the best of the first eight issues of PEEL Magazine, which are virtually impossible to get now because they were so @#$%ing popular. The only issue I was ever able to find was issue #6, so when I saw that all of them had been combined into a single, beautiful, hardback book, I was pretty damned excited.

Maybe a little too excited.

The authors, Holly and Dave Combs, had a book signing at the Alias Gallery in Indy last Friday, and I went to pick up an autographed copy. Someone apparently caught me in a compromising position with the book and has subsequently posted it on PEEL's Flickr account...

Yes, the book and I are now going steady. My wife is crushed, but I think she understands.

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Anonymous said...

After seeing this..... I see I am going to have you send you another present from Japan.