Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Jose Martinez Photography

It is safe to say that J. Martinez's photography played significant role in marketing Bootleg Sessions Vol I. As of late our boy has had some amazing opportunities to display his photography to larger audience.

He captured some amazing pictures up at Formula Drift in Long Beach that are up on his photo album.

Also, he was contacted to take some pictures of New York City architecture in the only way J. Martinez can capture for Flavorpill magazine

J. Martinez is coming up ladies and gents. I hope you guys enjoy his work as much as we do. Check out his blog over at Fatlace to see his regular updates. To see all of his work on display head over to http://www.negativo.org.

Congrats Jose! Keep up the good work.


Tom La Marche said...


John said...

pseudo-philly drift alliance (2/3 philly, 1/3 bmore) killed team drift at FD and doylestown thrasher chris forsburg killed in general... looks like philly's good for more than just breaking bikesss. hooollllaaaa

alexander said...

he loves the canon's