Friday, June 20, 2008

New Reload Bag

So this summer I am going to be working at General Motors in Bangalore, India trying to finish up my Ph.D. degree. Its scary and exciting all at once.

Unfortunately, I will be heading out there during monsoon season. I only have a messenger bag that is water proof and I find them terribly uncomfortable especially when I am walking (which I will be doing a lot of). I decided to splurge and get a Reload Midpack Backpack. Besides the fact that the bag is waterproof, the dimensions of the bag are exactly the maximum size allowed for carry on luggage. This is one of the first production with the new revamped design.

So far the bag is incredibly comfortable. The shoulder straps and waist are soft and stiff. The new adjustment mechanisms are so freaking convenient. There are 2 D loops that allow for easy tightening and loosening of the straps. The position of the sternum strap offers a lot of room for adjustment to accommodate different sized loads and body types. Also, there are several straps on the body of the bag cinch down different loads making sure things don't shift while the bag is being used. This will be ideal for some of the hikes that I plan on doing while I am out in India. With all the adjustments on that bag it is hard to fathom the bag not fitting anyones frame.

I decided to go with the colors from the 80s Philadelphia Phillies uniform. It came out great.

Big ups to Roland at Reload for getting this bag done in time for me to leave. Thanks a lot!

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Burd said...

Ha ha, that first pic is priceless.

Bag looks sick.